Rovaniemi summer bus timetables valid from Monday

6/1/2018 3:03 PM

All routes and timetables will be clearer than the current ones. The intervals will be more regular, and more account has been taken of smooth changes between services.

The summer timetables for local buses in Rovaniemi have been published on the new website for Rovaniemi local buses, Linkkari, at The summer timetables will be valid from 4.6.–7.8.2011.

Six services will run during the summer: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 and 14. The bus connections have been slightly improved. For example, more buses will go to the centre and back from Vennivaara and Ylikylä.

All routes and timetables will be clearer than the current ones. The intervals will be more regular, and more account has been taken of smooth changes between services.

Timetable booklets are available from Osviitta service point in the City Hall (Hallituskatu 7), Matkahuolto (Lapinkävijäntie 2) and from local bus services.

The most up-to-date information on local traffic can be found on the Linkkari website (for now the pages are only in Finnish, but there will be more information coming in English soon). It is worth following the pages, which will be supplemented in the near future. For example, a new route finder will be released soon.

The city will be organizing Rovaniemi's local public transport from 4 June 2018. Public transport was previously operated by private entrepreneurs with the support of the city.

Rovaniemi's bus traffic is being transformed – the key changes concerning customers are listed here

The aspects of Rovaniemi's local public transport that will change from 4.6.2018 onwards are listed below.

There will be changes to routes
Services 5 and 14 will remain the same. Service 4 will be slightly shortened at the Rantavitikka/Viirkankangas end. Other services will change somewhat, or be replaced with new ones.
On the whole, Rovaniemi bus connections will improve from the previous ones. For example, more buses will leave to the centre and back from Vennivaara, Ylikylä and Nivavaara. In the future, there will be a direct service from Saarenkylä to Rantavitikka. In addition, connections between the Arctic Circle and the centre will be improved.

The Waltti travel card will be introduced – ticket prices will change
The nationwide ticket and payment system, Waltti, will be introduced on local buses.
Monthly tickets and the new value ticket (a certain sum of money) can be downloaded onto the Waltti travel card. You can download small sums of money onto the card; paying for journeys in this way is cheaper than using cash. For example, an adult single ticket purchased with cash will cost EUR 3.50, whereas the price using money on your travel card will cost EUR 2.80.
A monthly ticket and value ticket can be on the Waltti card at the same time.
For all ticket products, their prices and places where tickets can be purchased, see

Rovaniemi is divided into three zones
The price of a bus trip depends on the number of zones in which a customer travels during a trip.
There are three zones in Rovaniemi: A, B, C. In the initial phase, Waltti traffic will run in zones A (formerly the ‘taajamalippu’ (urban ticket) zone) and B (service 14 to Muurola). The Waltti travel card will not, for the time being, serve as a means of payment in other areas of Rovaniemi, or on non-local buses.

Sales of the current 30-day tickets will end
Sales of the current 30-day urban and district tickets will end on 31 May 2018. Tickets may, however, be used throughout their period of validity. 44 and 22 ‘sarjalippu’ travel tickets from Matkahuolto will also continue to be valid on local transport in Rovaniemi after 4 June 2018.

More people will travel for free
More people will be able to travel on buses free of charge from 4 June onwards. For example, a child in a pram or pushchair and an adult accompanying him or her can travel on buses free of charge. In addition, another accompanying child under 7 years of age can travel free of charge.
Two under 7-year-olds can travel free of charge if they are accompanied by a paying adult.
Veterans and wheelchair users can also travel on buses for free. Travelers over the age of 65 can travel at reduced rates with value tickets outside peak hours.

Changing buses will be easier
On Waltti public transport, changing bus will be easier because there will be no need for a separate change ticket. Each single and value ticket will include the right to change buses during the next 60 minutes.