The bus staff strike may start on March 1, 2023 - also affects local public transport in Rovaniemi

2/27/2023 2:00 PM

Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced that it will start a bus staff strike if the negotiations do not lead to an agreement. According to AKT, the strike may start on Wednesday, March 1. at 03:00 and ends on Friday 10.3. at 03:00.

The effects of a possible strike on Rovaniemi's local transport, Linkkari, are significant. During the strike, all or almost all bus routes will not operate. The departures to be driven will be determined when the number of drivers participating in the strike is known.

If some departures are run during the strike, they will be updated in the bulletin of the News section of Linkkari's website ( If necessary, other strike-related information is also added there.